Meet the Team

Cubic Solutions Inc. Team is based on partner companies and child companies.


always did something that I was a little not ready to do. I think that, that is how you grow. When there’s a moment of ‘Wow, I’m not so sure that I can do this, and you push through those moments, it’s then that you have a breakthrough. Sometimes that’s a sign that something really great is about to happen. You’re about to grow and learn a lot more about yourself.Without passion, you don’t have any energy, and without energy, you simply have nothing

Our Management Team

More About Asad ur Rehman
Asad ur Rehman
Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
More About Wazir Abbas
Wazir Abbas
Independent Director & Chair of Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee
More About Hafiz Muhammad
Hafiz Muhammad
Senior Manager Sales Business Development USA
More About Dr. Faisal Tehseen Shah
Faisal Tehseen shah
Head of Strategy and Business Development
More About Dr. Faisal Tehseen Shah
Ahmad Miraj Sindhu
Chief Marketing Officer
More About Awais Qurni
Awais Qurni
Managing Director

Our Child Companies

More About Arazi Bazar
Arazi Bazar
Portal of sales and Purchases
More About Cubic Rsearch labs
Cubic Research Labs
Research and Development
More About Cubicon
Cubicon Media
Graphics and VFX studios and Post production Services
More About Hotwaps
Hotwaps Media Marketing
Media Marketing firm
More About Wazir Estate & builder
Wazir Estate & Builders
Investment and monitoring block

Our Business Partners

Webi Tech
Servers Hub
Quite Cool
Live Blub, INC.
Craft Vision